My name is Lanre Oke – many people call me Loke. Loke is a combination of the first letter of my first name and my last name. 

Who named me Loke? Where did it all start?

It was my first day in secondary school, the  best secondary school in Nigeria; Federal Government College Ogbomoso (argue with your principal – lol).

My parents had gone through the boarding house checklist and had bought all the essentials.  Unfortunately we missed a vital point. 

It was at the point of hostel check-in that my house master – Mr Barnabas – noticed all my items had no name, no signature …no sign. He laughed and said these “nameless” items would “disappear” in hours when I enter the hostel.

Without asking, he picked up a cardboard, cut a stencil using the letters “LOKE” . He then got black paint  and dabbed all my items. My shirts, pants, bedsheets, pillow cases etc. It was neatly done…by the way Mr Barnabas was a Fine Art teacher.

The moment I entered the hostel, everyone called me Loke. Without an introduction, Loke became my name, people sang with it…taunted me with it. It became my name…my new identity.

Along the line people admired the neatness and the professional look of my items’ “branding”, you guessed right, I referred them to Mr Barnabas and it became a stream of income for him. 

Moral of my story.

  • What you do today can shape the identity of the next man. Please make our world a better place.
  • There is a miracle in your house. There is a potential stream of income you are yet to tap – yes – YOU!
  • Be good…do good..spread good. It will surely pay off.

Have a great week and month.


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