It has been one of the toughest three (3) months in our generation. Everything happened so fast, our world changed overnight. We never knew many things we took for granted were blessings e.g Sunday eat out, public gyms and our dearest Party jollof.

May you survive COVID-19 and be able to eat party jollof again…
Did I hear you say Amen?

The lockdown and current minimal commute afforded me the opportunity to pause and reassess so many things. One thing I discovered was the need to Chill, Pause and Reassess (CPR) at intervals.

I have changed jobs about two (2) times in the last 5 years – it occurred to me that most times when I longed for a new job, all I needed was to possibly step out and get new and fresh perspectives. Maybe I should have chilled, pause and reassess.

Unfortunately, I “believed” I did not have the luxury of stepping out to breathe. But COVID -19 forcefully gave us all that opportunity to chill, pause and reassess.

I want to encourage you today, in the midst of all the current uncertainties, can you chill, pause and reassess.

I know you are concerned about your bills, your job, the future of work, the outlook of the new normal, your proposed wedding plans, your shrinking savings etc. The list is endless, but chill, pause and reassess.

You might never have this kind of break again in life – maximise it.

Forward Ever

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