Full name: Corona Virus December 2019

This season is arguably one of the toughest seasons of my life.  And I guess it is the same for the average person out there.
As humans – we want to strategise, we want to plan, we want to think through every situation. But the last few weeks introduced me to a new dimension of uncertainty…no one saw this coming – better still I did not see this coming!

2020 started on a very good note, lots of plans, dreams, goals, target – with my pen in my breast pocket ready to tick off stuffs.
Suddenly! The world had to pause.  A new virus that no one knew nor really understand was found far from home but gradually it came closer and closer, spreading like wild fire.

The only thing we know is it is a virus, meaning, it has the basic characteristics of viruses. This means, it can only spread through humans, therefore, we were advised to: clean our hands regularly with soap, minimise touching our face, stay hydrated and isolate (stay in door). Yes we all know these gists!

But have you considered the fact that this control mechanism can be adopted to other areas of our lives.

Consider this, you leave your house every day (pre COVID-19) you meet and associate with different people. You exchange ideas, memories, attitude, principles etc. These people deposit a part of “themselves” in you unconsciously  – just as you deposit a part of “yourself” in them.

Some people  carry “non biologocal” beneficial bacteria, enzymes and catalysts. While some carry viruses – spreading negativity, rumours and fractions in teams etc.

How often do you wash off negative deposits? Many of us transfer aggression – aggression from clients, bosses, colleagues and neighbours. Can you wash off regularly and say negativity stops on my desk. Post COVID-19 wash off every negative vibes.

In my next post we will explore not touching our face.

One thing is sure – THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Forward Ever!

Lanre Oke

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