Again and Again…


I had the privilege of catching up with old friends at a 40th birthday party recently. I wonder where time has gone, especially when your friends are clocking 40 left, right and center. Anyway, my immediate older brother is not 40 yet – do not kill my joy – I still get time😜.
During our  catch-up we touched various topics  but as men we stretched issues around finances and business. We explored the possibility of partnerships and alliances. At that point one of my friends narrated the story of a man that had a striving career, saved up funds and decided to partner with a friend.

As you might have guessed, the venture went south and he lost everything  – I mean Everything! My friend added that this happened quite a while ago (maybe 15years) but the man is not back on his feet.

I latched on the gist and asked – what was the state of his mind?

Apparently he got into depression and never fully recovered. He did not just lose money he lost his gusto and mojo 🤕.

We have often heard this line that it is faster to tear down than to build. But you know what I recently discovered?
It is easier (not easy or fun) to BUILD again!
If you have done it before, you can do it again. Failure is painful – very painful. Recovery is a roller coaster journey but very achievable. After recovery, you become a case study and specimen  for Hope and Courage.

If you did it once you can do it again and again, failure is an incident not your personality. Rise above it…it starts from your mind.

Forward Ever!

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