Bad days


I had a pressing financial need last week, I reached out to some “trusted” friends and family to possibly bail me out and lend me a hand. Unfortunately everyone seems to have one financial commitment or the other – this is not the gist.
Yesterday, one of the people I reached out to called me and we had a long conversation. As he was about to drop, he inquired if I was able to sort the need and I was like it is open..blah blah. He advised on an alternative approach of meeting the need, he even volunteered to help, then he added – we all go through this season at one time or the other – it will soon be over.

Fast forward to few hours later, I joined Nathaniel Bassey’s Halleluyah challenge. P.Nat briefly talked about depression and warned against comparing yourself with the “pseudo-Social media life”. Many of the things we see are facades, they are “packaged” lies.

Silent chapters is the name of my blog, the aim is to share my vulnerabilities and showcase silent lessons from daily living and interactions.

Today I have come to tell you that we all experience some bad days.

Enjoy your Jollof rice and Chicken garnished with Dodo on your dinning table, do not be distracted with the Dinner date pictures posted by your friend on Instagram. Remember you do not know:

  • the date of the outing
  • the trigger of the outing
  • what happened post-outing
    Am I against Dinners at Exotic restaurants – NO! Infact I am a certified foodie, I can tell you the best joints in town, but there are nights I gladly eat my “Indomie” and boiled eggs. Not to forget the nights of Street Burger (bread and akara), better still the nights when you have no cash at all – I mean no Cash.

A senior friend told me recently how she locked her Husband out because of financial pressure, she added “I am not proud of what I did, but it was a terrible season”. Did you note the word “was”?
I replied and said we need to hear more of these, we need to know there is no “perfect” life, we need to see (though tough) the full package.

I have a lot to write, but my point has been passed – we all experience some bad days.

This too shall pass!

Forward Ever….

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