Don’t look Away


How long do you want to keep running and ignoring reality.
You are in a BIG mess! You are in trouble! Stop calling it another name!
Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses, pretending nothing is wrong …

By the way – HAPPY NEW YEAR.
I celebrated my birthday during the week, then it dawned on me I am leaving my “mid thirty” years. Yeeeeee! I will soon be 40!
Luckily for me – please don’t spoil my joy – I have an older brother blocking the 40 line.

On a serious note, it dawned on me that I am not getting younger and I must begin to live my dreams. All the things I saw from afar, the things I have read (and still reading) in books, the things I have prayed for – I must begin to work towards them like never before. But wait! I have some mess I have to clear first. Some of these are seemingly not my fault, but who cares, they are my monkey. I have issues I have swept under the carpet, that I chose to “look away” from. And I am sure there are 1001 people like me.

Dear friend, don’t look away any more. Every problem has a solution, every issue can be solved. I encourage you to fight like never before this year.

Fight for solutions, fight for resolutions, fight to clear your debts, fight to get that certification, fight for your children, reconcile with your father, fight obesity, fight high blood pressure, fight diabetes, fight for good health! Remember health is not just physical.

I see you fight and overcome…please don’t look away!

Forward Ever!

Lanre Oke

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