Baby Steps



It has been a while that I shared my thoughts on this platforms. I have been busy stretching and learning – story for another day.

My 14 months old baby girl, Eni, just reached a major milestone in her journey of life. She started walking!

This is a major feat and exciting for any child and young parent. Eni’s latest milestone reminds me of two (2) things;

1. Never compare. Eni’s older sister walked at 10months old, it was not uncommon to want to say things like “be an early starter like your sister “. Interestingly, Eni had her 1st tooth at 6months while her sister had hers at 12months.

My friend- it is a personal race, focus on your path and celebrate your wins. You might not have it all put together, but you have something.

2. Baby steps. Eni started by holding walls and cabinets, she later graduated to short walks with adults. Along the line she could stand on her own, few days later she took few steps and falls.

This girl didn’t give up but persisted!

One step turned five (5) , then (10) now to very stable and consistent walk. All within two (2) weeks.

Like Eni, if you believe in your baby steps and do not give up, you will RUN! It might not be today but with faith and consistency you will run.

Take a step today!

Forward Ever!

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