Plus One


This afternoon, I was at my Vulcanizer’s to fix a new tyre. This Vulcanizer (of mine) has exemplified excellent customer service, he can serve as case study for Lagos Business school. Dilligent, consistent and always “out”serving his customers. This post is not about him, it is about Idris – his apprentice.
I was to change one of my tyres about six (6) Sundays ago, on getting to his shop, my Vulcanizer was not available. But I met Idris, the young lad said; “I was told you were coming”. That gave me a bit of comfort and I allowed him change my car tyres.

Fast forward to today, my Vulcanizer got me a new tyre during the week. I went to his shop after sunday service to get it fixed, as you must have guessed , he was not in but Idris was. And he repeated that familiar statement – I was told you were coming.

To the best of my understanding, Idris is a valuable and reliable assistant. The type every Boss wishes to have. The type that can convert a Self-employed Boss to an Entrepreneur.

How reliable are you with other people’s business?
How reliable are you at work?
How reliable are you in your family , club, church and neighbourhood?
Are you a “plus one”, “a zero” or “minus one”? Can you be trusted?
Can your Boss give you a task and go to bed?

Idris has taught me and exemplified “Business continuity Planning” – BCP – on the street.

And to the big boss out there, try to trust your exemplary staff more.

Forward Ever!

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