No Waste

It is often said that “Men can’t multitask”, better put men are not good at multistasking.

I have tried to test that theory but I have failed woefully. I have a colleague, I have chosen to call Lily, she is quick to remind me that I am poor at multitasking – this is because I have paused in between our conversations to either reply a mail or slack.

I wonder how women manage to multitask – Women dey try o!

In the last two (2) months, I have been busy on a personal project. Every other thing almost stopped – my blog posts, personal gigs, personal development etc. Of course I went to work and gym.

I discovered this project drained my energy, emotions, time, prayer points, thoughts, dreams – in short my life!

At some point I had to tell myself it is either this project works or it WORKS!

My question to you is what is consuming your energy?

What are you chasing at the moment?

How beneficial is it?

Where will it stand in the scheme of things in the next 2, 5, 10 years?

It is the same old lesson; we need to be more intentional about life. Every action, every relationship, every decision either drains or refills our energy. The draining might be a seed today that will yield great results tomorrow or it might be a total waste.

Hey mate…don’t waste your pain!

Forward Ever…

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