Answer this…



One of ny colleagues got married today, they both look young and in love, grinning at each other with many sweet unspoken words. Their family and friends were also very happy and obviously proud of these folks.

The major things I liked about my outing today was the simplicity and blend of different cultures – I need to add, the couple are from different ethnic groups. In Nigeria we can be very conscious of the ethnic group “thingy”. One other thing that was evident was that this young/fresh couple are so happy and safe with each other.

This brings me to an argument today at my Barber’s shop. I was at my Barber’s earlier in the day to look good for the party, yes now, as a Yoruba “Angel”. One of the barbers made this statement, “To marry your dream girl in Nigeria of today, you need to have lots of money”.

My questions to him were:

1. Can you define your dream girl? Who is she? What does she do? What does she look like?

2 .Are you sure this is the girl you really want or the one smSociety, Instagram or Facebook sold to you?

3. Is your definition (requirements) a want or a need?

4. What exactly do you want from life?

Human wants are insatiable, we keep asking for more. The next time you are under pressure, ask yourself – what exactly do I want from life? Where will this be in the scheme of things in 2, 5, 10 years time?

Friends, it is time to Major on the MAJOR!

Forward Ever!

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