Thanks Phil


Earlier this afternoon I tried to do a form of “environmental sanitation” on my phone. I was deleting some old pictures in order to create space on my phone’s memory card.

As expected I saw pictures that brought many memories…both good and bad.

I stumbled on an appreciation e-card I got from Phil (my colleague) in 2013; six (6) years ago. Reading the card brought fresh motivation, smiles and joy. I remember the insecurities I experienced on that role, I was working in a little town called Swindon; where any black man you meet on the street “automatically” becomes a family friend.

You can imagine the value of that little thank you card.

We live in a world of “pseudo” high walls, a world where people look for every opportunity to flex their muscles and display their superiority.

Everyone is busy pursuing their dreams, initiating new projects, exploring new horizons but ignoring the attempts and intentions of that “uncoming” associate.

Pause a bit, acknowledge every person you meet along your journey, celebrate their efforts and try to boost their ego. Who knows? That might be the ginger they need to conquer their current level and move to the next.

From tomorrow, remember to shake that chauffeur, pat the security guard on the back and smile at that young receptionist – this can probably make their day (or week).

Don’t forget the Little Things….

Forward Ever!

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