730 days After…


You have to be wary of who you call your friends. Today at work (during lunch) I opened up to my colleagues – these are people I call friends. I told them today is exactly 730 days my dad passed on, I told them I was feeling so emotional and needed some love.I gave them ideas of what I needed – red velvet cake with a dash of cheese or peppered snail with a cup of Chapman.But they totally ignored me.When I got home, my five (5) years old daughter gave me a note that reads – I love you Dad. This is the first time I will be receiving a note from her. No celebration, no preemption…just pure innocent love.730 days ago my Dad left this side of heaven. In my 33 years plus of knowing him, I do not remember telling him – “I love you Dad”. Neither do I remember writing a love note to him. I wrote him letters but it was more of “Dear Daddy, I am broke, send me money.”My partial consolation is I do not remember my dad telling me – Olanrewaju, I love you!Equation balanced…But did/do I love him? Absolutely, I love him and I miss him alot. Everything around reminds me of him.Did he love me? I think so…although he never said it but I saw it in his eyes, I “listened” to it in his voice, evident in his actions and in his entirety.Why not say what you mean…and mean what you say. Show your parents love when they are still here. I know you are almost 40 – but you can still send your Dad or/and Mum a love note. Do not wait for their birthday or a special day. Every day is Special!By the way, not just your parents but everyone that deserves it.Good night Pappy… I love you Daddy.Forward Ever.

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