The last weekend was a very unique one for me. My weekends are usually characterised by gyming, swimming, (lots of) cooking, church activities and TV.
But the last weekend was totally different, I managed to do one hour session at the gym and spent the entire weekend sleeping – I mean total REST. I could not make it to church on Sunday, it was indeed a total shut down.

I slept almost all through the weekend because I was down with flu. The only medication i took was lemon and honey in warm water – is that even med- and REST!

But why did I have to almost break down before deciding to rest.

We are busy pursuing our dreams, burdened with projects, confused at decision junctions and frustrated with timelines. We are often offered options of the “seemingly” good and better, in expectation of the best.
Confusing lines I guess? That’s exactly how our minds have been clustered.

Will you let it REST?
Let the matter rest a bit, leave it for a while, get fresh air, take a stroll and come back refreshed.

Forward Ever!

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