Monday morning meetings are usually dreadful, it is a time to give account of the previous week. A time to get an applause or a lash. I remember stammering, blabbling and speaking “grammar” during some Monday meetings. At the end I will sigh and say – I scaled through another Monday!

Similar to other organisations, my current team holds Monday team meetings where we discuss challenges and achievements of the previous week. We also state our plans for the new week.

Here is the twist; the first fifteen (15) minutes of our team meeting is used to discover the uniqueness of team members – this we call – Question of the Week.

Our last Question for the week was; state three (3) words that describe you.

I picked Relationship, Intelligence and PEACE.

I am at Peace with myself, my achievement and aspirations. I learned early the dangers of comparison. Over the years, I have also found how to find Peace in the midst of the storm.

Things are never as bad as they seem…if you are in a storm, fall on your knees, close your eyes, breathe and whisper some words to your God – the one that can influence the storm.

The truth is you have done your best, you have lost almost everything, you cannot afford to lose your PEACE!

Dig deep, let it spring forth, allow it flow from your inside and to everyone around you.

If you will pass anything on, ensure you pass PEACE.

Forward Ever

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