No be today…


Yesterday an old dear friend who I have decided to call Segs reached out to me. He has been nominated for a creative award and he was soliciting votes.

Segs was my 1st friend in High School, we were roommates all through my Junior years. Apart from Segs generosity and height (he was taller than “us” then) the other thing that set Segs apart was his artistic skills; we called it talent then. Segs could draw and paint for Africa – lol.

Therefore, I was not surprised when I saw his nomination – NO BE TODAY – It didn’t start today!

I have tried not to comment in the public domain about the allegations flying across social media concerning rape and other shameful acts. We need to take a moment and get the lessons in this – else we make similar mistakes.

What bad habits do you have that you need to drop and seek for help today?

What are your personal struggles today?

What shameful acts do you indulge in today?

Work on yourself at the backside before it is a bit too late. If you don’t, you may end up disgracing your family, community, lineage, Alumni groups and every one associated to you.

No be today e start o…

Forward Ever!

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