Hard Work, Works



It is good to resume writing after a long break. I have alot to share, many lessons I have picked along the line.

I had a catch up with my Line Manager earlier in the week, he shared a popular quote from Denzel Washington – Hard work, works!

You will agree with me that hard work is now being relegated and people tend to say “Work Smart”. I know in some instances and context you work smart, especially in the light of sharpening your tools (skills) and embracing technology. But Hard work can never go out of fashion.

Hard work = Discipline + Consistency

I have looked forward to this day when I will present the before and after picture of my weightloss journey.

This is HARD WORK!

If I can crash my weight (still crashing it), then i can write that book, I can sit for that professional exam, I can build that business, I can change my (the) world.

Not just I…YOU TOO CAN!

Forward Ever!

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