My father had a stroke in January 2000, that was the lowest point of his life. I saw him battle and clinge to life. It was a very trying season for the family, I remember everyone coming home and staying by his sick bed praying and hoping for his recovery.

Exactly a week after the attack he was discharged from the hospital hoping he will recover faster at home – by the way, he did.

Daddy got back home a day before my 16th Birthday.My Mum had asked me to host few friends for my birthday, looking back, guess she approved that to ease the atmosphere (tension) in the house.

On the morning of my 16th Birthday, I entered my Father’s room and reminded him it was my birthday. He tried to smile and said “by God’s grace after my recovery, I will ensure we celebrate all birthdays”.

I got my first birthday cake “ever” on my 21st birthday, this is entirely not due to financial factors but the fact that it was never a priority in my family.

My daughter celebrated her fifth (5th) birthday few days ago and got three (3) cakes. This is because she had to take cake to School, after School Club and Church.

Looking at my daughter’s cakes I remembered my what my Dad said on my 16th birthday.

Never take life for granted, celebrate little wins, you might not be where you want to be but you have moved.

Go out and eat at that low/medium/high class restaurant. Consider short breaks, you have tried, you deserve a pat on the back.

Pause….and celebrate.

Forward Ever!

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