93 Days II


93 days continuation

3. The Denials
These are people that will not face their realities, denial is a coping mechanism for some people but it never last. You need to face your reality and fight today while you envisage that future state of celebration and enjoyment. The truth is celebration is ahead, freedom is ahead – but it might not be today.
I remember the day my brother told me the adage “cut you coat according to your size” has expired, he said it is now “cut your coat according to your cloth/material”. If the material you have can only sow a Knicker/short sleeve shirt – you better sow it and wear it with “swag”.
The denial’s motto: Enjoy today, whatever will be will be.

4. The Weak
The weak are similar to the scared, the only difference is the scared still fought but the weak gave up!
Have you met someone that has given up on life, given up on a child or has given up on a business. One of my mentors said knowing when to give-up is a skill. I will add that you can give up on things, but never give up on life! When the going gets tough, the tough keeps going. It is okay to be scared – but do it afraid!
The weak’s motto: I am fed up…it can’t work !

5. The Distracted
This category of people are overwhelmed with their environment, they are preoccupied with Saving others and forgetting about themselves. The good book says, “Love your neighbour as yourself”. It must start from you! You must love yourself, fight for yourself, comfort yourself before you begin to care for others. It is not selfishness, it is comforting others with the comfort you have received.
The distracted’s motto: Don’t worry about me…I am fine.

Victory starts from within, the mind is the battle ground, win from within. Be intentional, determine to fight and see yourself WIN.


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