93 Days


I wonder if there are people like me that do not like watching true life movies – it reminds me of reality, it is a peep into other people’s life and the world we live in.

93 days is a Nigerian movie – one of the best I have seen – it tried to capture the 93days my dear country (Nigeria) battled with Ebola. Good news is we won! This is one of the few good things people say about Nigeria – story for another day.

I have watched 93days before but my daughter; Kiki persuaded me to watch it again few days ago. She is only five (5) years old, I am sure she does not understand the movie as such but she made me watch it again. And as expected I felt the pains, the fear, the agony, the tears and finally the victory our Ebola heroes went through in the midst of poor infrastructure and political agenda.

Analysing the movie I was able to identify five (5) groups of people that experienced Ebola:

1. The Resolute
2. The Scared
3. The Denials
4. The Weak
5. The Distracted

Please note this, every character in the Ebola story is a star and hero. This people practically laid down their life for the country, they could have been in hiding and spread the virus, but they chose to step out and be the sacrificial lamb. This post will not tag any character because I respect everyone that experienced Ebola, we are all here and safe today because of they fought!

Now to the characters:
1. The Resolute: These are people whose minds are made up, they wake up every day to fight and are convinced they will win. They sharpen and use their weapons – they fight internally (resolute mind and words) and attack externally (took their medications). Their motto: We either WIN or WIN!

2. The Scared: These are people who wake up every day with the fear of death and failure. But guess what, they still fight. They do not have a firm conviction like the resolute but they want to live and they do everything that will make them live. Their motto: One day at a time…

Please watch this space, to be continued!


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