Little things


Recently, I have been quite overwhelmed with visions and plans that seem to be taking forever to materialise. It was like the more I achieve the farther I am far away from that ideal life. On one of “those mornings” I woke up tired, I knew I needed to talk with someone, I needed to be fired up, I really longed to talk to someone that will remind me of who I AM.

An old friend that we “served” (check my Awgu post, you will understand the word served) together came top on the list and I decided to give him a call. We had not spoken for over two (2) years, calling from the blues was refreshing for both of us. We touched on virtually everything, my friend noted something that stayed with me.

He said he has learnt to appreciate and thank God for little things.

We have become so busy that we take little things for granted, if it is not spectacular then it is not appreciated. If it is not massive then it is not appreciated.
We ignore the friend next door but appreciate the pseudo-personalities on our screens and social media.
We ignore local comfortable wears in pursuit of international “designers”.
We embrace meals we cannot pronounce pushing aside dearest “Amala” stranded in “Abula” with “orisirisi”.*
We are busy trying to impress strangers/rivals/acquittances while ignoring the people that truly cares.

Everything you need to succeed is inside and around you. Look around, appreciate life, live, catch up with old and real friends.
Take a stroll, buy that local street food, eat with your fingers again, laugh at yourself. Smile….I am sure you will feel happier.

There is a lot to learn and appreciate in little things.



*Amala, Abula & Orisirisi are local Yoruba (A tribe in Nigeria) delicacy.

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