Dear Maami,

Today in celebration of Mother’s day I remember you, what you represent and the life lessons you taught me.

The funny thing is most of what I learnt from you were not ‘classroom’ based, I mean you did not ask me to sit down and start pouring into me. What I learnt from you were observations, things I see you do, things I emulated , things I disliked but I have found myself doing.

I remember the compound I spent the earlier and chunk part of my childhood, we called it Ologunleko close – I wonder now if it was a close. The compound had nine (9) flats, this means we had 9 families living in the compound – 4:15pm when you come back from work in your white “Panel van” kids in the compound will run towards you to help carry your office back. You give then a readymade answer – “You can’t carry my bag, it is part of my dressing”.

But how come you gave this same bag to your own children to carry?

Thinking about it today, it dawned on me that you are not a user. You give so much, so much of yourself, your time, your possessions and your entirety. And you expect next to nothing in return.
Your “white Panel van” was the local ambulance. I remember people knocking at our door late in the night to be carried to the hospital, most of these knocks were for Pregnant mothers in Labour. And I can still here you say – “Adedeji, get me my car keys and ID card”.

Maami, today I call you the “Marking Scheme of Motherhood”. You have done and you are still doing very well.

E ma pe fun wa!

Happy Mothers day to you, my wife Tosin Pelemo Oke and every Great Mother out there!

We love you!

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