We all have to wait at different points in our journey through life. Either you are waiting for food to be ready, waiting for your turn on a queue, waiting for an outcome of an interview, waiting for the first payment, waiting for the ‘’alert’’. Now to deeper things – waiting to be declared cancer free, waiting for medical test result, waiting for a good partner, waiting for that child to return home..waiting, waiting , waiting – the list is endless.

I remember telling one of my female friends years ago that I hate waiting, she said – No way, you are a leader, you must learn to wait.

What do you do while waiting?

Using the London Bus stop as case study, the behaviour of people waiting for a bus has some embedded lessons.

Some people pick up a book and read, some make calls, some go on social media, some have their earphones on, some open laptops/tablets and begin to do quality work, some get a girl and begin to cuddle, some get a smoke while some just stay there, wallow in self pity and probably lament.

The waiting period is a time to invest. There is something called joyfully waiting. Invest your waiting period, it is a good time to improve yourself. It is a good time to build good relationships, it is a good time to research, it is good time to become a better version of yourself while you joyfully wait.

The next time you have to wait for anything – no matter how little – do not waste that period.

Your bus will soon be here!

#Waiting #patience #iwillnotlosehope #dontwasteyourpain #londonbus #redbus #tfl #maximisethemoment

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