Pick up your phone


It is a great pleasure writing again after about 10 days break. This was not intentional, work was overwhelming and I was occupied all through last week.

Last week was quite exceptional for me. The week started with a small party; my friend Dad’s remembrance, where I had the opportunity to catch up with some of my University friends. Later in the week I travelled to a nearby city to celebrate with one of my best friends who christened is son. The last time I saw my friend was on my wedding day – 7years ago.

From the christening ceremony I went “home”. In Nigeria, the word home signifies the place where “Mama lives”. For some unknown reasons, the last line got me teary. My trip home was significant because we had an intense family meeting, despite the meeting ’s intensity, it was fun seeing all the people that truly cares about you under the same roof.

The following day I was back at my base where I went for a wedding ceremony. The bride is a dear friend and also a former colleague. I have not seen over 95% of my former colleagues (who were guests at the wedding) in 2019 – the party was a reunion for me and I discovered how I have dearly missed everyone of them with their uniqueness.

I really wish I can replay last week and experience it again, I wish I can experience the hugs, jokes, laughs, “yabs”, food and drinks again and again.

The truth is I CAN.

I decided I will pay more attention and spend more time with the people that truly matter. Everyone matters, but there are some people you will wish you have spent more time with if today happens to be your last day on earth.
Pick up your phone, make that call, send that text, reconnect with that old friend; that childhood buddy, your neighbour and of course your family.

Life is much more that work, career, business, school runs, savings, professional courses, mortgages – the list is endless.

Have a family picnic, go watch a movie, have some fun – enjoy your life.


‘Lanre Oke

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