Today at the gym, my instructor asked me to do some belly exercise as I was about to leave the gym. Like an obedient child, I mounted the bench to do some sit-ups. After 10 sit-ups, I asked – “How many sit-ups in a lap”. He replied: Twenty (20).
I added, “How many laps am I to do do”. He responded: Four (4).
At the end of the 2nd lap, my body felt like stopping – but I persevered and alas, I finished the four (4) laps.

I have been a bit demotivated in the last few days, seems like I lost my “mojo”. Even my blog posts have been paralytic. I wondered what the issue was – I just lost interest in almost everything. Then it dawned on me it is the 2nd quarter of the year 2019.

I discovered I started the year on a high – like many people – had plans and started a couple of things. Three (3) months down, many seeds sown but seems like there are no sprouts. It occurred to me I had great expectations for the year (especially business wise)started new things, made some moves but seems like nothing as changed.

I want to believe I am not alone in this matter. But if you read my previous lines again you will notice I used the word “seems” a lot. It is intentionally – it just seems, the truth is there are things in the making, maybe not as fast as I have expected but the truth is things are building up. The truth is I can still persevere, I can still tap my latent energy, after all nobody told me it will be easy.

Today, I choose not to give up
Today, I choose to press on
Today, I choose to go for another lap


‘Lanre Oke

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