I can not wait to share my before and after body transformation #OperationBellemustgo

My target is to drop 20kg – Yes- you read right. I need to move from 95kg to 75kg in order to have the perfect BMI.

I have lost 7kg already…currently  88kg. The interesting thing is people have started commenting: Your tummy is flatter…this thing is working…my “lepa’ husband… six (6) packs loading etc.

I combined different regimes and I have done lots of research around this. The various programmes I am on includes intermittent fasting, water therapy, reduced calories and the gym. Please take note – I still try to enjoy my life.

This is my point – who/what can we give credits to my little win. Is it my gym, intermittent fasting or water therapy?

You know who deserves the credit, you know what worked?

It is ME, I worked!

ME, MYSELF and I is the common denominator in these journey.

I read a book during the past week, the book says we are all SELF EMPLOYED. You decide what you want to be paid and how much you want to earn. You are the CEO of your life. I will explain this in my next post.

But think about this – if it is about you then you can change it…even if you can’t change it you can change your attitude towards it.


‘Lanre Oke

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