Rep your Brand I

I ended my last post with – Rep your brand. Sleeping over that line, I remembered a write up I wrote last year for the Marketing group I was working for. It was a note on personal branding – I consider it very relevant to “Rep your brand”…enjoy.

In October 2012, I was working for an International Insurance company, every team was asked to brainstorm, write and submit their plans for the coming year. We had series of meetings, analysing and writing forecast for the coming year. I remember getting home after a planning session and I told my wife, “we work for organisations, we brainstorm, we forecast, we plan – why are we not this intentional in our personal lives?”

That year, we sat on our 4-seater dining table and planned for the coming year. Unfortunately, we have not had another thorough round table planning session as a family ever since.

Here is my point, we organise marketing campaigns, we try to build brands, we brainstorm and cause disruptions while positioning brands and products. We should apply the same principles and processes in our personal lives – hence the need for personal branding.

Personal branding is simply marketing yourself as a brand, it is the way you want to be perceived by your stakeholders i.e. Family, Colleagues, Clients, Suppliers, Potential Clients, Potential employers etc. It is a combination of your online (e.g Social media) and offline (Physical appearance) image. Your personal brand makes you stand out and unique, this uniqueness makes you different and it plays a major role in determining your career future. To be continued!

Before you post that picture/video on Social media – think – will this “Rep my Brand” ?

While picking that dress/shirt – think – will this “Rep my Brand” ?

‘Lanre Oke

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