Can you imagine?


I live in Nigeria, Lagos to be precise. Lagos is a metropolitan city with lots of “craze’” Everyone seems to be in hurry, hardly will you see any car without a scratch. I remember hosting colleagues from Kenya; they were so thrilled about the cars honking and the fact that every driver was in a hurry. That is what makes my Lagos – Lagos!

This morning, I went to the biggest store in my neighbourhood to buy seedless grape. The grape is meant to be a major part of my diet this weekend because I am on a two (2) days detox – story for another day. After my “transaction” in the store, I was walking towards my car and there was a sight.

Two (2) male “adults” were in hot words batter, shouting and fuzzing. Some people around the scene were playing the role of peacemakers, begging the two of them to stop. Apparently they were fighting over car parking lot, and one of the men left his car (blocking every other car in store) to quarrel. After a while the man that went to park properly and returned to fight. This time around he introduced a blow and a physical combat ensued.

You are also surprised I guess, grown men that will get home and a boy or girl will call Daddy/Uncle. Worthy of note is that one of the men was a corporate driver of a yoghurt brand, I was able to identify him because the T-shirt he wore had the yoghurt brand.

The moment their fight became a physical combat, I entered my car and hurried out of the store. I kept thinking – what can make me fight in a store? In a public space? What…

Recently I have been interested in mental health and having control of the MIND. Do you consider fighting in a store a mental health issue?

But why should we fight in the first place? Why should we shout? Why can’t we just respect one another? Why can’t we just live? I heard one of the men say “at your age you are a driver”. Where is the place of dignity in Labour, what is wrong in being a driver?

The next time you see a shadow of fight or public disgrace – walk away – be in control of your mind. You are a brand… “Rep” your brand!


‘Lanre Oke

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