Awgu 2….


As at the time I got to Awgu; the orientation camp – please refer to the first part of the article – I had developed headache, fever and Catarrh. I asked myself that familiar question; what exactly are you doing here? Every thing irritated me; the weather, the registration, the noise, the hustling, the food …just mention it.

By the second day, I looked around the camp and told myself; “Either you like it or not, you will be here for 21 days, the earlier the better you fall in love with this place”. That was the mind shift, that was the beginning of a new chapter, new friendships and new discoveries in my life.

That was my first lesson at Awgu. The battle is in the mind, if I can win on the inside (mind), I win on the outside (physical world). If you get the job on the inside, it will manifest on the outside. Decide your own life is good despite the happenings around you, decide to be an exception, decide to live a maximised life.

The second thing I learnt was the power of template. In simple terms; copy and paste.
I have four (4) older siblings, this means I have a minimum of four (4) case studies for any major chapter of my life. NYSC was not an exception, coincidentally, my immediate older brother served in Enugu – he left exactly 6months before I landed in Enugu. This means I had a fresh template/exemplar to follow.

A bit of background – after the three (3) weeks orientation camp, youths are posted to every part of the state (mostly schools) to support and “develop” the state. Enugu had about nineteen (19) local government areas and as at then only nine (9) had electricity. I mean public electricity – supplied from the National grid. That is where the frustration lies for many corpers, spending months away from civilisation.
Talking about template, my brother advised me on the activities to do in camp if I want to serve in the city. He stressed the fact that I must be active and stand out or else I will spend a good part of the year in darkness. He was as granular as hand picking my activities in camp for me.

I could have shunned his advise but I decided to apply his advise. Guess what – I had a swell time in orientation camp, won awards and was posted to the heart of town.

The good book says in the multitude of counsellors there is safety! Do you follow templates or you decide to uncover things yourself. You do not have to suffer what people that have gone ahead of you suffered…you do not need to prove a point to anyone. When you learn from others your journey will be faster, simpler and more productive.

Maximise the condensed years of experience around you.


Lanre Oke

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      Thank you…much appreciated!


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