Agwu Camp

In Nigeria where I grew up, it is mandatory to serve the nation after graduating from a tertiary institution. The scheme is called National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) – it is a one (1) year mandatory service, where youths are posted to different parts of the country to learn other cultures and “serve our fatherland”.

I was so excited to be posted to Enugu; a state in the Eastern part of Nigeria. There was nothing so special about Enugu but I was excited to be finally part of this scheme because my name (actually my entire department) was omitted from the initial batch we were meant to “serve’’ with – story for another day!

I remember boarding a luxury bus from Yaba Lagos, I ensured I got a comfortable seat for this 8hours journey. Majority of the people on board were youths like me going to Enugu to serve the nation.
A bit of background – the service year starts with a three (3) weeks orientation, where youths from different parts of the Country are camped and they go through rigorous paramilitary training under the supervision of strict Soldiers. Although scary, but the orientation is known for ‘mad’ fun, escapades and long lasting relationships.

Just like every other person, I believed I had lots of adventure and fun ahead of me. Moreover, before we got halfway into the journey almost all of us in the bus had become friends…Enugu will indeed be fun!

We got to Enugu city at about 5pm to embark on another 2hours journey to Agwu – the town where our NYSC Orientation camp is located.

About 30 mins to Awgu Camp, my countenance changed. It was as if a wind blew away my excitement as I lost every form of motivation… be continued

What do you do when you suddenly lose your mojo, your drive, your motivation, your happiness?
Where do you run to when everyone is excited and you seem to be the odd one out?
Why are you not just happy when things are seemingly falling in place and you are meant to have every reason to be happy?
Everyone seems to see the positive side of things, how come I cannot just see it?

We all experience the feeling at some point in time, at least I felt it in Enugu. These feelings are normal, familiar and common.



‘Lanre Oke

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