These things are in you…

I had a conversation with one of my colleagues recently, the conversation was about children from privileged background that are currently maximising their parent’s platforms. He was of the opinion that some skills/traits are not genetically transmitted – so there is no basis for some of the children to be on these platforms. The context he gave made some sense but I knew he was not 100% correct.

This afternoon I got a brainwave and got an answer to this puzzle.

What qualifies anyone to be Royalty? Royalty is a function of birth or marriage. You are either born Royal or marry Royalty. What will you call a Prince/Princess that decides not to enjoy the benefits or rights of the office? Majority will call him/her a fool. A Royal has to intentionally decide and intentionally tread a different path in order not to live as Royalty.

Two years ago I went for a Run in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria. After the run on my way back home, I saw a beggar on the road. What attracted me to her was the baby she cringed on her bosom, the baby was so tiny that I had to ask her for the age of the baby. She said; “Five (5) days old’”
Those words broke my heart – 5 days? I felt like adopting the baby. I told my friend that was with me that it will take an “intentional personal” deliverance for the baby not be poor in life. This is because he/she was born in poverty, will drink poverty, will eat poverty, will sleep poverty. The baby will have to virtually fight poverty to be free!

This is my point. There are benefits or disadvantages you were born into. It might be wealth, debts, good genes, diseases, attitudes or stature. These things are in you, but the good news is you can be intentional in accepting or refusing them. You can fight any thing you do not want, you can create a new YOU! You can create your FUTURE!

Image result for image in the mirror

The big question for today is; What are you building for POSTERITY?

I want my name to open doors for my Children, Nephews, Nieces and everyone associated with me…I want to succeed to the extent that it will take an intentional effort from my children to be poor. I need you on this journey.


‘Lanre Oke

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