One Call


In 2013, I was introduced to someone that was interested in a skill I was proficient in. The plan was to help this person pass his professional exam and possibly get a good job. We connected via Skype and began to talk regularly. Coincidentally, I was working away from home at the time – meaning, I had time to coach my new friend.
Our relationship developed and we became very good friends, despite the fact he is about sixteen (16) years older than me. We discussed everything, within a short time he became a “big brother”

My new “big’ brother decided to return to his family (based in a different country) after some months. Thereafter, he got a very good job in the profession I “coached’ him and life happened; we lost touch. Better still, we did not keeping touch as we promised to do.

I stumbled on his profile few weeks ago on social media, I said hello, he replied and as usual we agreed we were due for an intensive catch-up.

Last week Friday, was the day, he called and we were on the phone for over 2hrs. That call made a lot of difference. It was more like a 5years conversation compressed into 2 hours. We discussed everything and he fired me up. I was able to align some of career aspirations, discovered new perspectives and saw new horizons. Within 24hrs after the call I registered for a professional exam and set to explore some interesting things.

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Two (2) things!
The good you do is an investment into your future, dividend is on the way and it will be higher than the investment. Keep doing good; good is not all about material things. You can give hope, courage, touch, support, time, skill and prayers. All these are the good you can give. Do the good you can do in a good way…

Secondly, the power of relationship – good relationship. There is a popular saying (paraphrased) that your life will change as a result of the books you read and the people you meet. Please do not belittle the power of relationships. Friends create an atmosphere, this atmosphere can energise or discourage you. I am a product of relationship, you are a product of relationship, someday I will share some remarkable lessons learnt from relationships.

Just one call made the difference, watch this space!


‘Lanre Oke


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