Yesterday was International Women’s day, for some special reasons I was very conscious of this remarkable day compared to previous years. I spent some part of the day thinking of my career and the ladies that contributed to the success of the journey so far.

I have been privileged to work with some outstanding female bosses, one of them is a lady I choose to call Iruks. I reported indirectly to Iruks at a time, she had great influence on me and my career. She was tough, resolute and diligent. Iruks was very competitive, tell her it is unachievable and put a price tag to it – I can tell you for free that she will meet and exceed target. You dare not say “I CANNOT” …to her customer is KING!

Iruks can sell ice to an Eskimo. I remember the day I introduced her to my older brother, she smiled and said, “You guys look alike, Do you have a life insurance?”. I was 100% sure when she meets anyone the first thing that crosses her mind is – what can I sell to this person?

One thing I cannot forget about Iruks is the attention and admiration she has for her son. Her son comes to the office after school everyday, no matter who she is speaking with she screams at the sight of her son with open arms, greeting him as if she has not seen him in months.

Today I celebrate every working woman
Every lady shattering the glass ceiling
Every lady that endures Lagos traffic and still manages to fix dinner
Every lady sowing today to create a better tomorrow
Every lady striving against all odds to create a better version of themselves
Every lady that has decided to do things right

To all the ladies like Iruks out there – keep pushing, keep winning, keep shinning. You are much appreciated.

And to my Wife, I am blessed to have the best of the best, thanks for all you do. You are loved!


‘Lanre Oke

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