Eni is my 6months old baby, very gracious and beautiful. Every child is special but she is extra-special. Within this short time we have spent together the life lessons learnt from her have been phenomenal.

We have always tried to be “baby friendly’ I.e adopt exclusive breast-feeding for the first 6months for our kids. For Eni, 6 months seemed to be a long time. She looks mature for her age and has been showing eagerness to eat what every other person in the house eats since she was 4months old. You can virtually see her salivate and scream to have a bite of every thing you put in your mouth. But her Mum was resolute, she decided not to give her any form of solid or alternative milk till she clocked six months.

24th February – Eni’s big day finally came. The day to launch her into the world of Solid food, a day she will finally feel the taste of water and the refreshing it brings to the soul.

Wify had gathered all sorts of baby homemade meals recipe, everything was set for the day. We started with semi solids, quite yummy and obviously nutritious food. But after Eni took a few spoons, she retreated and started crying …she had not mastered the act of swallowing. It dawned on her that swallowing semi-solid is a different ball game and can not be compared to the flow of milk.

She wanted to revert to breastmilk, she yearned for that place of comfort…to be continued!

How many times have you yearned for growth, you admired a new role, a new career, a new place of abode, a new country, a new “destiny”. Alas – you got it and a day into your new reality, you felt like running back.

It is normal to feel vulnerable, unqualified, unprepared and unfit. But take it one day at a time and see yourself shine.

For the next few days, I will be writing on Growth using my daughter as case study.

By the way – she still can’t sleep without sucking on the breast.

Grooooowwwww – FORWARD EVER!

‘Lanre Oke

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