Make it work!


In December 2018, I was in the middle of a 1001 things, I had given a task to one of team members to pick up items from a client’s warehouse.

He came back lamenting about issues he had encounter and the current challenge he was facing. In one word – no where to store the items picked.

He was expecting me to jump into action (as usual) and look for a solution but I was busy with other things I could not halt.

I looked at him and said – if you were the Project Manager on this “Project” what will you do? Go and sort it!
He left me and sorted it!

Enough of complaining…enough of grumbling…enough debate around #NigeriaDecides2019
Get to work…Make it work…Make your world work!


‘Lanre Oke

#Silentchapters #forwardever #nigeriadecides2019 #workit #sweatit #noexcuseforfailure #projectmanager #performer #stretch #career

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