You can call me a people person but I choose to be a lover of People. When I find myself in a new environment, I always look for like minds that I can befriend. I am sure you have heard all sorts of tales about bad friends, betrayals etc – but I have been so blessed with very good friends – friends turned siblings.

It was at a freshman’s (1st year student) club, I was barely 2weeks old on campus, a friend invited me to this group of 100Level christian students. We were about 15 in the room and we were asked to introduce ourselves – name, course of study etc. Coming from a Mini University (Yes – FGC Ogbomoso), I stood up with boldness and said “I’m Lanre Oke, Chemical Sciences”. Some few introductions after me – then I heard an obviously timid voice, “My name is Olakunle Shipeolu, I am in Chemical Sciences”.

I was like – REALLY! This one will be in my class – we can never be friends. I spotted some other “smart” guys and was like these ones can be my friends.

We started meeting daily in class and I discovered he was a nice person. I remember the day he told me he was going to volunteer as an usher during a conference (A2C) at our campus fellowship – I wanted to tell him, you are too shy to be an usher oooo. But guess what, he volunteered as an usher at the conference, he was retained and he earned the nickname “Usher1”.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and months turned into days. Olakunle Shipeolu became Kunski, he became bolder, more vocal, blossomed in every aspect. He led one of the most critical teams in our campus fellowship; Organising Department where he managed Ushering, Technical and Decoration Units. His grades never fluttered..he maintained a GP of 3.9/5 from day 1 till our last day in University.

There was a night in our mutual friend’s room – Gbengs. I and Gbengs were playing a game and I won. But Gbengs did not want to accept, he was looking for ways around my “victory”. Kunski told him “You can not win every game”. I choose to interpret that as you can not always have your way, the world does not revolve around you.

Today, it dawned on me that my friend was never slow but he was not in competition with anybody. He was comfortable in his skin and took life one day at a time. And He won!

Today is exactly 7 years Kunski left planet earth. Though painful, but the 3 decades he spent on earth were remarkable. The memories of the 11years we shared can never be forgotten.

Kunle personified Love, Growth, Consistency, Empathy, Orderliness, Gentleness and Friendship.

What are you personifying?


‘Lanre Oke

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