My country decides today! Everywhere was locked down, public places and shops locked – including my gym. It seems I am getting addicted to this fitness thingy – guess it is a good addiction; even after 100 squats in the morning, I still decided to have a walk in the evening.

My plan was to walk for an hour, I left the house around 5:45pm to enjoy the walk. Haven mapped a dozen of runs/marathon in the past, I had a perfect route in my mind that will give me my 5km walk. But halfway into my walk I spotted a young couple carrying a baby, possibly having a walk too considering everyone had been indoor since morning.
I followed them, neglecting my mapped route and admiring their world – probably because they did not “look like” they have much yet seemed happy and contended with life.

I kept walking behind them, observing the environment and hoping to hit a familiar path. After about 15 minutes of following my new friends (that do not know me) it occurred to me that I was LOST. It dawned on me that I had lost track of my geographical location and mapping. But thanks to google – a true friend in times of need – I got my orientation and traced my path.

Side attractions, distractions, disturbance, interference, obstructions are things we often encounter on our journey through life. We usually set out with a plan, with good intentions, with timelines, but along the way things begin to drop. We meet new friends, we move into a new environment, we are tempted to fit in and we neglect our initial

To be sincere there are times we discover new strategies, better ways of doing things on our journey through some of these new experiences. But we need to regularly appraise ourselves, our motives, our intentions, our milestones and begin to ask very sincere questions.
Am I on the right path? Am I distracted? Is this new friend adding value? Will this new habit have a long term benefit? Is this what I want to be remembered for?

Incase you discover you are LOST, please stop and call on a friend. Help is always nearby.


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