I will get back to you


I was not expectant on my birthday this year, this was because I just started a new job and thought I have not made many friends in my new office. Also I was broke and did not have any plan of throwing a party. I belittled the power of social media and the fact that the world is now a global village. But I was wrong, I had a swell time on 16/01/2019, friends called and sent their wishes

One of the highlights of my last birthday was a particular message my friend; TG sent to me, his message was:

You are one of the most selfless human beings I have been blessed to meet.
You are never too shy nor too proud to want to learn,
Even when you embarrass yourself in the process.
Your joy is infectious and your smile soothing.

I am lucky to celebrate you today.
Happy Birthday Big Brother!

This message got me teary, I remember putting it on my WhatsApp status and a very good friend asked me – Who sent you this Truth?

I have heard people say very good things about me, but that was the first time I heard – You are never too shy nor too proud to want to learn

This is my point, why do we pretend to know when we do not know?

I was preparing a presentation at work this week, and I kept asking questions. I asked lots of questions to the extent that I had to apologise to one of my Senior Managers for bothering him. He said – Never form Knowledge.

I encourage you to seek knowledge today, keep learning, keep growing and keep living. The next time you are asked something you do not know, say – I will get back to you, I do not have the information at the moment. Never form Knowledge!


‘Lanre Oke

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  1. Chemmieh says:

    Beautiful piece… Keep it up Bro


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