Talk, Talk and Talk…

I had a “one on  one” with my Manager (Pee) at work today, this is our weekly catch-up where we alternate our discussions between official and personal issues. He inquired about my world and what I have been up to, I mentioned my desire to do much more with my life, time and skills. I noted instances I have tried to stick my head out but I did not want to come across as imposing or “plunging”.

Pee said something I will not forget in a long time, Paraphrasing his words, “Don’t be apologetic to shine, the only time you should be worried is when your words are more than your actions”.

In one word, Don’t be a talker – be a doer!

Have you heard this words before – Actions speak louder than words!

Picture speaks a thousand words – Picture is work!

Our world is full of people that talk, talk and talk. Talk is cheap, action is where the work is. The year is relatively new, we have written our plans, our dreams, our visions etc. What are you doing about them.

Act, Act, Act fast. You might not be able to achieve your dream today but there is something you can do about it today.

As from today decide to talk less and act more. Have an alarm that comes up when your words exceed your actions.


‘Lanre Oke

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