There is another vital lesson I learnt from arranging my wardrobe on Saturday. …please click here to read previous post.
Like a typical matrimonial room, our wardrobe is split into two(2). First part is for madam(my wife) and the other part is “meant” to be mine.

During the separation process, I discovered that some of my wife’s clothes have migrated to my side of the wardrobe. Infringing on my civil rights and trespassing into my space. I gladly and speedily deported them to their “home country” and informed their president of my constituency’s unanimous decision – lol.

But seriously, have you looked at some strange things in your life (e.g Habits, self infringed issues, relationships) and you ask – How did I get here? How come it got this bad?

Weeds will surely grow on an uncultivated land, the natural lifecycle is death, then decadence. For anything to strive, grow and blossom there must be an intentional effort. Growth is never automatic, it is a function of effort, it isa function of dilligence.

I want to encourage you to put order into your life, home, business and career. Keep your eyes close to things, set up systems that regularly assess, review and re-strategise. 2019 seems to be on a race, the euphoria of the new year is gone, bring out those plans/dream and work them.

Make it work – FORWARD EVER!

‘Lanre Oke

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  1. Florence Ertle says:

    Hello, I see but what did your Madam do? And i do understand that you reported the situation to the President of the State, but how did you really feel about that?


    1. Loke says:

      Hahahaha…coincidentally, I am the President of the state.


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