Sometimes I feel Saturdays are gifts, a special gift to reward the diligence of Monday to Friday. I remember my 1st weekend after I got my first job in 2006, it was like I got a thousand dollars cheque. Today is another Saturday, I spent a chunk of the morning in bed.

After I managed to wake up I stood up to arrange my disorganised wardrobe. One thing I discovered about my wardrobe, there is a spirit that does not allow my wardrobe to stay arranged. Arrange it today, within a week it has returned to status quo – Guess I am the spirit though, lol.

Back to the gist, I decided to arrange my wardrobe this morning. I poured my clothes on the bed and began the separation process, separating corporate shirts, trousers, casuals, T-shits, African wears etc. During the separation process, Kiki my four(4) years old walked in and asked – why are you scattering your clothes?
I said I am not scattering them, I am arranging them, but she argued and maintained that I was scattering my clothes.

Growing up in my hometown, there is this popular say – “Se ka dale, ka tun sa’ – this means, should we pour it on the floor and pick it again.

Sometimes you need;
To Break things to Fix them,
To Scatter things to Arrange them,
To Disagree to Agree,
To Give to Receive,
To Die to self to Live!

Keep the purpose in view, irrespective of the experience of the process. It will make sense at the end.


‘Lanre Oke

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