I was on a bike at the gym late this evening, this particular bike is unique, the screen board was quite far from me. I could not easily see the effect of my effort or change in momentum. My gym instructor comes regularly to adjust it and change the levels. I had to rely on his judgement and tried to motivate myself to accelerate even when I cannot seemingly measure my output.


It dawned on me that the cycle of life can be similar…there are times we feel at our best.
There are times we feel the change, the adrenalin of great results. The rewards and admiration of a job well done.

Often times we feel we are putting in the effort, putting in the hours, burning the midnight oil, scratching the floor on our prayer kneels yet we cannot see or measure the progress. At such times, we are tempted to walk away and try something new. But why not trust the judgement of your instructor…

If you are like me – my ultimate instructor is God. But your instructor might be your Spouse, your Boss, your Friend, your Mentor or your Vision! These forces can drive us even when it does not make sense or when we have lost our mojo.

Sometimes we feel helpless as humans, we want to project, we want to celebrate milestones, we want to see tangible result. The truth of the matter is everyone sometimes pass through that season of seemingly “low result” or “stranded” state. But we do not lay there we perceiver.

I remember my early days in FEGO (my high school), I was always “home sick” – story for another day. I admired my Seniors thinking they never experience home sickness; but I was wrong. When I became a Senior boy, I still felt home sick but I have grown to adapt and mange the condition.

It is a phase, you will soon feel like the driver!


‘Lanre Oke

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