My session at the gym today was fun, I guess I was highly motivated because I am beginning to lose some pounds and my wife is giving positive comments. Vision 80kg is real, I cannot wait to share my before and after pictures.

My neighbourhood is highly diverse, this affects almost every public place in the community, including my gym. In my gym the music that is played is usually a mix of Western, Afro and Asian beats to accommodate the diversity of the members. Often times, I do not enjoy the beats!

Today, I decided to go with my Sades Earphones. I played all my favourite beats – especially my wedding mix. Listening to the mix, I experienced fresh joy and excitement mixed with the memories of my wedding reception. Travelling to the past and feeling the Euphoria of the fierce dance competition between myself and my wife. I knew every song in the mix, every dance step and I could virtually perceive the “Jollof rice” served at my wedding reception.

This experience took my mind off the pains and sweat of my exercise regime, I did not notice time. Time was still for minutes and I basked in my own atmosphere, an atmosphere created by me and for me – just me. Although I was physically in the gym, but my mind was in a far place, I was in a place of joy, a place of excitement, a place of hope.

You have the power to create the atmosphere around you, life is tough, the terrain is rough but you – yes you can be in charge. You might not be able to control what happens around you but you are able to control what happens in you. This will nullify the pains on the outside.

Your house might be  in a ghetto, but you can make your atmosphere a Mansion.

The power of the mind – FORWARD EVER!

‘Lanre Oke

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