There is a particular group on WhatsApp that I am privilege to be an admin, on the group we discuss marriage matters, especially the “core” of marriage – if you know you know.

The group has grown significantly, we have celebrated some major milestones and members “bedmatic” skills have improved significantly.

The group has been in existence for about 14months, with about 95% of the members being virtual friends. I mean 95% of members have not met physically, if members meet in a supermarket the probability is high they will not recognise one another.

Against all odds, we decided to have an offline meeting. A physical hangout across three (3) locations where members are based, it was a tough call but we pulled it off.
The connection at the physical hangout was awesome; we played, ate, danced and had lots of fun. The feedback of the event was very good.

Within 48hours after the hangout, the rate at which people introduced their friends to the group was remarkable, there was an inflow of new members.

Here is my point – you have been doing business, you have been building your career, you have been training your kids in a particular way. Good news – you have seen good results and it makes logical sense to stick to your style and strategy. But what is that extra thing you need to add to the mix that will make all the difference.

What is that Catalyst?

We all need to sit back and assess things regularly, buy yourself a drink, pat your shoulder and applaud yourself – you have come along way. Thereafter, discover that extra thing you need to do to take you (your business) to the next level.

One thing – FORWARD EVER!

‘Lanre Oke

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