One of the reasons I started writing is to share my world and capture lessons picked along my walk through life. I have not been able to write in the past two(2) days because I have been upset. I spent a good part of the weekend thinking and ruminating over why some people come across as “been so” difficult.

I have tried to rationalise things, rehearsed different scenarios and the best responses.

But this evening, walking on my street after my weekly Sunday catch-up with friends. I told my self – Lanre you are diving into bitterness!

All bitterness starts out as hurt. And your emotional pain may well relate to viewing whomever (or whatever) provoked this hurt (generally, your assumed “perpetrator”) as having malicious intent: As committing a grave injustice toward you; as gratuitously wronging you and causing you grief. For anger—and its first cousin, resentment—is what we’re all likely to experience whenever we conclude that another has seriously abused us. Left to fester, that righteous anger eventually becomes the corrosive ulcer that is bitterness. Source: Psychology Today

I told myself, I am more than this. I might not be able to control what people do to me – but I can control my response.

Nobody can motivate you better than you, in the same light, Nobody can correct you better than you!

It is time to look into the mirror and speak the truth to the person you see, do not stop there, take action. And see the person you see in the mirror blossom.

For me, nothing can stop me – Not anger!

Have a truthful week – FORWARD EVER!

‘Lanre Oke

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