What exactly are you Measuring?

I asked my colleague a sincere question yesterday, before he could answer my Boss passed by and we involved her in the conversation.
This was the question and I will like you to answer.

When I see some of my contemporaries’ profile on LinkedIn – I often feel like – Lanre, what have you been doing with your life?
Do you feel like that too?

My Boss (who is a Director) made me to understand it is a normal feeling, she noted some of her school mates, One who is the MD of a conglomerate while the other virtually created a new industry – they are all women by the way!

I learnt the foolishness of unhealthy comparison a long time ago, although I sometimes fall prey, but I quickly jump out of it.

Let us reconsider – what exactly are you measuring?

In accounting – Investors, Bankers, Shareholders, Staff, Government etc look for different things in a company’s financial report. This is because they are interested in different things, due to this, a Management Accountant presents different reports to different stakeholders.

In weight-loss you measure different things – weight, water retention, percentage fat, Blood pressure, waist circumference, leg/arm circumference etc. If you focus just on the figures on the scale (your weight) , you are not measuring enough vitals.In the light of the above, progress is relative, it is a function of what you are measuring? Are you measuring just Account balance, Investment portfolio, Salary increase or job profile?
What of your level of influence, your giving, investment in friends and family, change in where you were, fulfilment etcImage result for measuring

Our conclusion to this discussion was do not compare yourself with others, but compare yourself with the goal/image you have of yourself.

And remember to celebrate Little wins….


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