Today, 4th February is my dear friend’s wedding Anniversary. Kay my friend, married his beautiful wife 7years ago in the city of Abeokuta, Nigeria and I was privileged to be his best man. I was part of the planning from day 1. I remember we returned the wedding suit twice, before we eventually settled for what we wore.

I remember traveling from United Kingdom to Nigeria to honour a friend turned brother. That particular trip was memorable for me because that was my first visit home after graduate school and there were glimpses of a brighter future.
Like the typical best man I decided to spend the entire day before the wedding with Kay, we wanted to dot our “I”s and cross our “t”s. We went to a “badh” Amala joint in the city, thereafter we went to the barber’s shop to have a good cut. We later went home in expectation of our other friends.

A bit of background – Kay used to be the second born but he lost his older brother 2 years before the wedding. As we got home trying to settle down he looked at me and said; “Lanre, so my Brother will not be attending my wedding”.
At first I didn’t know what to say not to talk of comforting him, I did not know when the following words slipped – Don’t worry about the people that can’t make the wedding, thank God for the people that are here. This simple statement elevated Kay.


In life you can either sit down and wallow in self pity or blaze up and face the future. Everything may not align, everything may not be working but there is something that is working – concentrate on that.
You might not have everything, but you have something – concentrate on that.
You might not have all the skills, but you have at least one skill – concentrate on that.
You might not be loved by all, but someone cares about you – concentrate on that.

Concentrate on the right things – FORWARD EVER!

‘Lanre Oke

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