Food Poison

I believe in God unapologetically, the level of planning and systems built in human is phenomenal. I suffered food poisoning from yesterday evening till this morning. It started with a  mild fever, I was surprised because I am in touch with my body and was wondering why fever? I decided not to take any med and see how long it would last.


Thereafter, I began to stool. I went to the toilet about 6 times before morning. Along the line I was able to narrow down to the particular  meal that caused the discomfort. My assumption is that the fever started the moment my system began to digest (process) the meal.

Do you know what triggers fever?

The presence of a fever is usually related to stimulation of the body’s immune response. Fever can support the immune system’s attempt to gain advantage over infectious agents, such as viruses and bacteria, and it makes the body less favorable as a host for replicating viruses and bacteria, which are temperature sensitive. Source: Scientific American

This means that one of the ways the body tries to fight “unwanted guests” in the body is by elevating the body temperature, this makes the  body less comfortable for these guests.

Nature has tried to protect you body, how are you protecting your mind?
How sensitive are you to “mind” poisoning?
How do you process and analyse information?
How do you sieve information?
Who are your close friends?
What do you read, watch and listen to?
What do you think about?

Protect your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.


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