There is a particular balm my wife sometimes uses, I do not like the smell. But to be sincere, the smell is not awful – I just don’t like it. I have voiced my reservations a couple of times and it irritates me she still applies it once in awhile.

Today at the gym, my instructor mandated I spend 40mins on the treadmill. I obeyed, mounted the treadmill and started running. 5mins into my exercise another gym user mounted the treadmill beside me. In no time at all, I started perceiving the “conc” odour from my new gym mate. The smell was awful, it was terrible, it was choking. I was able to link the smell to a particular spice combined with sweat, body odour – gosh!

I squeezed my nose initially trying to fake a smile, but guess what – I continued my exercise. Remember I still had about 35minutes to go.

My nostrils got used to the smell and I discovered it was not that bad, moreover awful smell does not kill.

Here is my point – why do we tolerate outsiders and impatient with our loved ones?

This is a trend I have observed, especially for married men. We mentor people at work, massage their ego, motivate them but get easily irritated from the doorstep of our homes. We are constantly on the edge with our spouses, kids , siblings etc. We take them for granted and we say – “why can’t she just get it”.

This is call to love, a call to tolerate, a call to appreciate and a call to build!

Related image

In fairness, the smell is not that bad – FORWARD EVER!


‘Lanre Oke

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