Roti is my gym instructor, sincerely I pray that guy makes heaven, he is so wicked!

I dragged myself to the gym last week after 365days break – the first day was not easy, Roti almost killed me. At some point I told myself “You have used your funds to buy punishment”.

He started with stretches, then he gave me cones, I was to run up and down the stairs dropping and picking the cones.
After, he asked me to climb the Elliptical trainer, “3 laps” he said. I mounted the Elliptical trainer, although tired but I wanted to prove to Roti that I am a man, do not look at my “pot belly” – I am fit.

After “1 lap” I saw the gates of heaven, and the angels beckoning to me, I wondered if I am destined to end my life at the gym. I called Roti and said – please let me go home I am very tired. He smiled and said, you have tried but try to finish the 2nd lap. With all the strength I could gather I finished the 2nd lap and dragged myself home.

I ensured I went to the the gym all through last week, except the weekend.

Today I was back at the gym. I spent 40 mins on the treadmill, 20 mins on the Elliptical trainer (4 Laps), 4 rounds of shoulder muscle toning, 4 rounds of biceps toning and 4 rounds of abdominal exercise. Five(5) programmes and I left the gym alive (although not smiling). That is progress!

Whatever you give attention grows, have you considered how we got educated? It was through the power of repetition; the nursery rhythms , the “times table”, the “four figure table” , the hours spent in studying.

I want to encourage you, it will get better and easier if you do not give up. And remember to appreciate your Roti!

Stick to it – FORWARD EVER!

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