Benz 230

I saw the image of a Mercedes Benz 230 (popularly called Benz 230) on a friend’s WhatsApp profile today. That was my Father’s car growing up. The car was a major character in my childhood memories.

Benz 230 was one of the most luxurious cars in the city. To own one you are either a successful businessman or a top business executive.

I remember my Father’s driver coming to take me home from my High School Hostel at the end of school terms, and my “triumphant” entry into the back seat of our black Benz 230; trying to act like it’s no big deal with one eye and using the other to check if anyone is around to notice our Benz 230.

Today I asked myself what was prestigious about that car? I am not sure the car had air condition, no alloy wheels, no electric windows, no power steering, no CD or DVD player.

A world record is one today because no one has surpassed it, someday someone somewhere will surpass any record or major achievement.

You need to evolve, you need to keep improving , you need to keep getting better.You need to expire your skills, you need an upgrade – or else you will be left behind.

I am sure you won’t want to drive my Dad’s Benz 230.



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